I’m a DJ.
No, not the kind of DJ who plays the Electric Slide at your cousins wedding or the skating rink; I do events a little more sophisticated that require I be on my game at all times or it could cost me thousands of dollars and my reputation. I spin mainly for high-profile parties, nightclubs and A-List events all over the city. This means that I need to have the best equipment, so I don’t have to worry about anything malfunctioning and tripping up my set.

Now I said I was DJ not a doctor, so I can’t really afford to drop a few grand on some platinum equipment--I still have to shop around for the lowest prices electronics, just like everyone else. I was pretty pumped when I found the Twister Group online. Their impressive selection of lowest prices electronics didn’t skimp on the DJ equipment. I ended up getting my whole system updated for well under my budget and was even able to squeeze in some new headphones, which are absolutely crucial to any good DJ.

So whether you’re looking for DJ equipment like me or just audio and video equipment, the Twister Group most definitely has the lowest prices electronics on the web or anywhere.
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