We just finished designing a home theater for our downstairs. For me and my family, there’s nothing like coming home after a long day, and relaxing in front of a movie. It brings us together, especially when we can find something that we all like to watch.

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If you're one of those home entertainment enthusiasts, chances are you coughed up the big bucks for a wide-screen TV, Blu-Ray player, speaker system, and gaming console. Maybe you even sprung for a home theater projector system. But even if you invested in these expensive entertainment products, you still shouldn't be willing to overpay for audio and video equipment accessories, like projector cables and extra speakers.

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When it comes to electronics in general, most of the items you want are quite expensive, especially if you buy more than one item which is usually the case... I mean, can you really buy a new HDTV without buying a Blu-Ray player?

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One day I realized that there’s no way I can deal with maps. I just don’t have a good sense of direction. I would literally wind up driving in circles trying to find an address, or a highway exit, and I was fed up. Not only is getting lost a huge waste of time, but it’s really frustrating and stressful – I could actually feel my shoulders knotting during each car ride.

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