I think I made it a week using those teensy in-ear headphones that came with my MP3 player. One week, and then the discomfort and poor audio quality started to drive me crazy. That’s when I decided to upgrade to a pair of Audio-Technica headphones, a standard in professional audio equipment.

What’s so great about these headphones? Well, there are a variety of models available to suit every set of needs, all of them offering exemplary quality and style.

To begin, I love the Audio Technica Closed Back Headphones, which take sound quality to a new level with D.A.D.S. (double air damping system), ideal for bass tones.

The Audio-Technica Full Size Open Air Headphones provide similar quality in an ultra-comfortable package, featuring a self-adjusting band and lightweight aluminum casting.

But if you’re looking for the ultimate professional pair, I recommend the Audio-Technica Open Air Dynamic Monitor Headphones, which boast supreme sound isolation (so you can tune out everyone and everything) and cool rotating ear cups, in case you must temporarily hear things from the outside world.

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Who would have thought that internet will become THE hottest place for shopping. I mean, the internet, in its full power, is around for what? 10? 20 years? and now it is officially the world’s largest shopping mall, where everything is just a click away, the selection is unbelievably huge and the prices are as low as prices can get.

Of course that buying online beats dragging yourself to the mall and schlepping from store to store looking for the stuff you need. But the internet can also be a pain sometime. Like when you buy a camera in one site, then a SD card in another and then a cable in god knows where and then you have to pay tons of shippings and handlings and get your stuff in parts and… well… like I said – a pain.

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